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Bosznai Károly

Károly Bosznai

He graduated in economics from the Kodolányi János College with a degree in tourism and hotel management. During and after his studies he gained managerial experience in various fields of tourism in several countries (Germany, Switzerland and Turkey). Upon his return he was responsible for several travel agencies’ sales and marketing activity.One of the outstanding milestones of his career was Symbol Budapest; and his name is associated with the launch of several gastronomic complexes and with his expertise he actively contributed to the brand’s introduction to the market.  Between 2007 and 2012 he helped several hundreds of events come to life under his leadership. It was during this period, when he imagined and organized T-DAY, the networking event for the Hungarian Travel Trade. 


The very first T-DAY launched as the official after party of the “UTAZÁS” travel show, and it has been the annual networking forum of the travel trade ever since. The next stop of his career was Buddha-Bar as event director at the request of the owners. His work was characterized by proactivity and consistency. During this 6 year old period, success followed; and Károly together with his team have also created several memorable events even on an international level.  After a 2 and a half year detour as Director of Sales and Sponsorship at Hungexpo he is going to return “home” to hospitality and event management. His passion is his family and his profession. 

“For me each event is a chance to create something with colleagues, we are in such a privileged situation, that we can give an experience of a lifetime to our Guests or provide business opportunities to our Partners.”  

Henyecz Krisztina

Krisztina Henyecz

A solution-focused  profesional, who with nearly 20 years of experience in the travel trade sector is hard to be surprised. Krisztina Henyecz graduated in economics from the College of Szolnok in Tourism and Hotel Management, and has worked as a Marketing and PR Manager both in the capital and in the countryside in recent years for 4 and 5 start conference-, and wellness hotels.


 After a short detour at Turizmus Kft she started working  with the Hungarian Tourism  Agency, where she could try herself in various fields of tourism; in her latest role she worked as the Head of Cabinet to the Deputy Chief Tourism Officer and the Head of Corporate Communications Office. 


“I consider tourism and communication to be my profession, and I work with great professional commitment. I think of myself as a creative strategist and a dynamic leader. I expect the same level of quality from myself and my team members when I work on a project. Thinking along with them makes me feel alive, especially when I can motivate them with my ambition. I enjoy working in a cohesive team, in a supporting environment and I have great perception for creating one.”