T-day logo

The T-DAY brand is renewed

Megújul a T-DAY arculata

Thank you for the design to Graphasel Design Studio.

Graphasel Design Studio has helped the event’s organizers with the new design. In the past 11 years T-DAY has gone on a huge journey in tourism sector and it has been THE EVENT of travel trade ever since.

The very first T-DAY was launched as the official after party of the ’UTAZÁS’ Travel Show on 4th March, 2010, and it has been the regular annual networking forum of the travel trade.  After last years’  ’break’ due to COVID-19, T-DAY is looking forward to meeting guests again with a ’face-lift’, just as much as all of us have been missing common presence and the chance of a casual chat with each other.

“Our goal is to bring together the stakeholders of the tourism and hospitality industry and as a regular, annual networking forum will become one of the most important meeting points. After 11 years, the time has come for an image change, accompanied by a comprehensive renewal of content.”

Said Károly Bosznai, the owner of the T-DAY brand. 

The new logo, which follows the trends in both colors and shape, strengthens the community-building profile of the event. “We have focused on the modernization of the previous logo, while maintaining its clarity in both color and shape. We have worked together with Graphasel Design Studio, whose profile is branding and communication design. We think alike, we know their work, and in addition to this, they have worked with other players within the tourism industry. They feel precisely what this industry needs in terms of branding and message-therefore they were the obvious choice. The team is made up of talented branding professionals and graphic designers. They are like a precise engineering team, they build  visual communication that works perfectly and at the same time it isn’t just creative, but it is  functional too.” Said Krisztina Henyecz, T-DAY’s head of communications. 

You may want to mark the date in your calendar: Thursday-2nd December, 2021.

VIP table reservation on: +36/20-776-2327