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What is

T-DAY goes back to a decade long history, and it has gone on a huge journey in the past 11 years, and it has been THE EVENT of travel trade ever since. The very first T-DAY was launched as the official after party of the ’UTAZÁS’ Travel Show on 4th March, 2010, and it has been the regular annual networking forum of the travel trade. After last years’ ’break’ due to COVID-19, T-DAY is looking forward to meeting guests again with a ’face-lift’, just as much as all of us have been missing common presence and the chance of a casual chat with each other.

T-DAY ’s most important mission is to provide  a casual reception, a networking opportunity and a meeting place- in a stylish environment for the players of the travel trade.

T-DAY is  the meeting place of those who work in a segment of tourism (hotel and hospitality enterprises, TA-s, event organizers, airlines, car rental companies, travel trade organizations and other enterprizes connected to tourism), where they wish to introduce their services, products or meet new colleagues and new business partners.

T-DAY is also an opportunity; an opportunity for the participating companies, sponsors in order to develop their business, to grow and to find the potential business partners, talented and dedicated travel trade professionals, who see a perspective in the tourism sector, and seek an opportunity for growth in this segment.

Doing all this in the name of responsible tourism and sustainability. 

In 2021 it is unavoidable to organize an event with the least possible environmental impact.

How do we achieve this?

Although in our private life we are determined to live more sustainably, we’ve realized that we also have to do everything possible to achieve the same goal in our professional life in order to avoid overpolluting our environment. You must have noticed that we couldn’t have avoided noticing the huge amount of plastic waste being produced as well as the thrown out, untouched catered food on these events. We have come to realize that there is only one way left for us to go on: and that is to completely rethink how we can organize  an environmentally conscious T-DAY.

Therefore in the process of the event planning is  completely changeable and almost all event solutions are available as an environmentally friendly option. With this in mind we can create the whole event to be a completely zero waste one.


Most of the ingredients are from local sources, taking into consideration the seasonality, and minimizing the meat selection on the event. We avoid plastic, therefore only glass-, china-, and metal products will be on the tables.


The decoration and the design is one of the most important issue on every event. We have been planning the event with only rented furniture, wherever possible, and where it wasn’t possible we made sure that it would get back into circulation. Our molinos will be reused by nurseries and the flower arrangements will be taken into a care home.


Even though we source most of the things necessary for the event, and also recommend our guests to use public transport to arrive, there are still going to be a few things that need transportation. We neutralize the greenhouse gases we produce through our joint afforestation project with MyForest.

Covid Safety Measures

We do everying in order to ensure the health of those participating in our event. Therefore we have the following measures in place:

  • The event can only be visited with the presentation of a valid vaccination certificate. 
  • We provide hand sanitizers at every location of the event. 

We follow the current health regulations in place and when necessary we will adopt them accordingly. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.