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T-DAY with a long tradition is one of the largest evening receptions and meeting points, where we can nurture and build our professional relationships in a stylist environment. The different travel trade professionals may not know each other’s fields of expertise, per se, however they entirely rely on each other, therefore the personal relationship between them is key. 

Budapest Marriott Hotel will host the December reception, this year, which will hugely support the building of relationships necessary for a trusted cooperation.

In Hungary every 10th employee works in the tourism and hospitality industry. Every tourism supplier builds on the work of creative and very  working people, all that passionate and sometimes trying work that they put into the enterprise’s day-to-day operations. 

Whether we enter a restaurant or hotel as a guest or and employee we all look for an experience, an emotional connection with each other

That is why we organize T-DAY again and again to remind the travel trade, that: WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. 

“After last year’s closures due to Covid-19, there are clear signs of demand and obvious signs of recovery, yet our industry is still facing constant challenges. I find it imperative to get to know each other’s fields of expertise in order to provide a platform for  building relationships and cooperations. In 2010 when we organized the very first T-DAY this guided us and our mission hasn’t changed since: providing sustainable growth, improving our positions is in our common interest.”

Said Károly Bosznai, the owner of the T-DAY brand. 

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